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Business and Life coaching

$200/hour —  With a holistic approach to coaching, we truly take the time to address all aspects of your life. In order to transform your reality and achieve your dreams, we will explore your career, personal life, physical and spiritual well-being. We provide practical tools to help you change your life. Everyone is welcome from college students to business owners to retirees — all looking to reach new heights in their next phase of life. 

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Starting at $2,000 + travel — Rising C creates a compassionate environment where groups can improve trust and collaboration. Facilitation techniques are designed to enhance each individuals experience in order to strengthen team bonds, inspire leaders to craft the future of the organization and develop business plans that fuel unprecedented growth.


High Impact Business Planning: Turn your strategic planning sessions into a team building opportunity. During this workshop, your organization will:

  • Develop stronger team bonds through engaging group activities

  • Energize your leadership team to drive against common objectives

  • Create a vision that will guide your organization for the next 10+ years

  • Strategically develop goals and implementation plans to fuel growth plans

  • Identify resource and investment needs to support goal achievement

Harmonizing Teams: Whether your team is newly formed or has been working together for years, every team can use a day dedicated to improving trust and leveraging each others strengths to achieve organizational goals. In this workshop you can expect:

  • A deep dive into team diagnostics: what’s working and what’s not working

  • Increased communication between team members

  • Improved understanding of individual strengths and weakness to best support the team

  • Deeper trust levels to facilitate transparent information sharing

  • More productive meetings after the workshop

Leadership Development: Take your emerging leaders to the next level so they can attract, grow and retain top talent for your company. Leaders will walk away from the workshop able to:

  • Lead with authenticity to quickly and easily build trust based relationships with their team

  • Develop self awareness to exploit their own strengths and surround themselves with people that have complimentary skills

  • Facilitate productive internal meetings that fosters transparent communication, encourages results oriented problem solving and recognizes individual contributions

  • Build effective teams that best leverage individual strengths and personality types to achieve organizational goals

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Courtnay Francis, MBA and Certified Coach, engages with emerging leaders at the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce on May 1, 2019. With a unique approach to workshops, Courtnay blends emotional intelligence with practical tools and strategies to create an impactful learning environment.