About Courtnay

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My clients are resourceful, capable people who want to rise to their fullest potential, but find that they need some support. As a soul pathfinder,  I guide them to find what they want in life and how to deal with obstacles that get in the way. I’m a former business executive and consultant and have extensive experience in navigating my clients through a multitude of complex and emotionally charged situations. Negative experiences and insurmountable challenges tend to be the driving force behind extensive life changes and I can help you understand if these changes are keeping you from the life you want.

I offer one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, workshops and energetic healing sessions. As a Certified Coach and MBA graduate, I have studied the impact of cognitive behaviors on mental and emotional well being along with tools that help untangle confusing, unsettling and limiting thoughts. My passion has been and always will be to empower clients to find serenity, compassion and clarity especially during troubled times. Additionally, I am a Reiki Certified Practitioner and include energetic and crystal medicine upon request in conjunction with coaching practices to enable mental, emotional and spiritual health. In short, my practice blends traditional and holistic methods of guiding and supporting clients through transformational change.

During coaching sessions, I empower my clients to discover their own solutions and teach them tools so they can confidently progress on their own. My clients are at a point in life where they want to change in a space that is nurturing of ideas that friends and family may not understand. They are willing to put in the necessary time and work that it takes to what they want. Part of the environment my clients and I create together fosters deep connection without forsaking lightheartedness and humor when appropriate.

At this point, you should be asking yourself the following questions: Can Courtnay guide me to understand and act on what I want? Can she help me see past my troubles and find serenity in all situations? Can she help me navigate towards my dreams to follow my true path? If so, let’s set up a complimentary 30 minute call to find out if I am the right coach for you. Just give me a call or text at (765) 714-4274 or email me at cfrancis@therisingc.com to set up an appointment.


Courtnay’s Credo

My clients are powerful and courageous in their own right and, from time to time, need loving, nurturing support to persevere through obstacles and gifts that each day presents.

I believe that everyone deserves love and the space to live life in a way that feels true. Each person has gifts that need to be expressed in a unique way. Additionally, individuals come to this earth worthy regardless of what the past, present and future holds.

Life is intended to be celebrated everyday, giving thanks for each breath. There is beauty in all things and experiences on this earth whether they are incredible blessings or challenges that shake our faith. Life is meant to be lived by connecting, sharing and loving others for no one can walk the path alone.

Spirituality is an ever-changing journey that will bring peace and serenity along with trials and pain. The universe is comprised of polarities and we all live between two extremes. Both light and dark exist and soul pathfinders are always seeking the light.

Pain is a teacher that should never be avoided or become all consuming. It is best faced head on allowing it to soften us so that we can learn to bend instead of break. Emotional pain causes suffering only if we allow it to and, through much training, we can learn to be patient students, constantly learning and growing.

Living in the light is about striving for inner beauty. We may all stray from our true paths but courage inspires us to get up and keep walking forward. Go towards the light each day and you will be filled with love, virtue and serenity.