Did You Know That Goal Planning Starts With Your 90-Year-Old-Self?

Did You Know That Goal Planning Starts With Your 90-Year-Old-Self?

Congratulations! You have carved out an hour of your life between planning Taco Tuesday with your crew and looking at cute dog pics to start creating a roadmap for your future and setting goals. Yep, I know you have a real job and are busy with your personal life and it can be tough to find time for yourself. But let’s get straight to the point, it’s time to stop procrastinating and it’s time to prioritize… YOU!

To help you design your future, let’s start at the beginning, er, scratch that. We are going to start at the end. That’s right, it’s time to buckle into your DeLorean, say adios to Dr. Emmett Brown and set the clock to the future! To the day that you will turn 90 years old… 

Because every great story has an unforgettable ending.

Yep! Think about it. In this scenario, you will be allowed to meet your 90-year-old self and have a conversation with him/her. Now, start writing down all of the things that you want to hear from your future self and be detailed! Maybe you want to get married, start thinking about your spouse — what does he or she look like? What does the love of your life do? How did you meet? Let’s talk business. Maybe you want to own your own business? What did you do? Was it more than a 9-5? How many millions of dollars did you sell it for?

Now that you have all of the details down, think about what you want to be remembered for. 

Also recall, how did you treat the people in your life? What do your kids, your mom, your dad, your colleagues, (goodness) even your cleaning lady have to say about you? Now write it all down. Like now. Here is quick sheet to get you started. If your journal doesn't inspire you, this lady in a sombrero hat should.

Live every day like sombrero lady.

That lady is 90 years old and rocks a sombrero! And there’s no reason why you can’t rock that sombrero too. Let’s say that it takes about 10 years to become an overnight success. That means you need to start laying the foundation today for where you want to be in a decade. This is also the reason that it’s important to think about where you want to end up in your life —which goes far beyond retirement. Every step you take today gets you to the next phase of your life.

So, take that ride to the future and start imagining what your life looks life from today to the day you turn 90 years old. Once you have all of your dreams and desires down, we can get down to planning and goal setting in the near term to help you achieve your life goals. 

Why not? And why not now? Because at 90, there’s a sombrero with your name on it and it’s waiting…